January 31, 2004
Super Horse!


You can see Aspen is quite fond of his super-horse mask.

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Weird Dream

It's been a while since I had a memorable weird dream, and this one was a doozie.

I was posing as a servant in ancient egypt, and was clearing out an old forgotten tomb. I had to figure out the secret way to open it up. Once inside I was clearing stuff out and sorting through all the things inside. At one point William Shatner came in to give me a gift for working 30 straight days and handed me a huge bag of chestnuts. They were good, and still warm. Then I walked into a bathroom and saw myself in a mirror. I had long seventies style hair.

I don't know what all that means, but I did get a haircut today.

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January 28, 2004
Punk as fuck

We're all too fucking old. It's official. G.B.H. has an album available on Apple's music store. Here's the link:

G.B.H.: The Punk Singles

It's all their old singles, including Mantrap! I have been looking for that for the longest damn time! Needless to say, I bought the album, if only to support their smack habit.

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"Why is Ed quoting the Tao...?"

I'm not turning into a Taoist or anything, I just subscribed to a friend's RSS feed that pulls quotes from it and sometimes there are really cool quotes. Don't panic.

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Here's another good one from the Tao

If a government is unobtrusive, the people become whole. If a government is repressive, the people become treacherous. Good fortune has its roots in disaster, and disaster lurks with good fortune. Who knows why these things happen, or when this cycle will end? Good things seem to change into bad, and bad things often turn out for good. These things have always been hard to comprehend. Thus the Master makes things change without interfering. She is probing yet causes no harm. Straightforward, yet does not impose her will. Radiant, and easy on the eye.

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Another Tao quote

The best leaders are those the people hardly know exist. The next best is a leader who is loved and praised. Next comes the one who is feared. The worst one is the leader that is despised. If you don't trust the people, they will become untrustworthy. The best leaders value their words, and use them sparingly. When she has accomplished her task, the people say, "Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!"

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January 26, 2004
Home Sweet Home, Part 2

We have a roof, doors and windows now.

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January 23, 2004
Clash kick

I dunno why, but once in a while I just saturate myself with a particular band. The past couple of days it's been nothing but The Clash. Over and over. Eventually I'll get sick of it and listen to other stuff, but for now I just can't get enough Clash. Anyone else get like that?

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January 22, 2004
And another quote from the Tao...

"When the great Tao is abandoned, charity and righteousness appear. When intellectualism arises, hypocrisy is close behind. When there is strife in the family unit, people talk about 'brotherly love'. When the country falls into chaos, politicians talk about 'patriotism'."

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From the Tao of Lao-tzu

"That which is well built will never be torn down. That which is well latched can not slip away. Those who do things well will be honored from generation to generation. If this idea is cultivated in the individual, then his virtue will become genuine. If this idea is cultivated in your family, then virtue in your family will be great. If this idea is cultivated in your community, then virtue will go a long way. If this idea is cultivated in your country, then virtue will be in many places. If this idea is cultivated in the world, then virtue will be with everyone. Then observe the person for what the person does, and observe the family for what it does, and observe the community for what it does, and observe the country for what it does, and observe the world for what it does. How do I know this saying is true? I observe these things and see."

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January 20, 2004
Freezing Rain

My first experience with freezing rain sucked. Friday night we were heading out to the barn to check on the horses. It was raining out, and what looked like a wet front step was, in fact, a solid sheet of perfectly clear ice, about 5mm thick.

Stepping on this sheet of ice proved to be a mistake.

My lower back came down on the corner of the step and now is totally black and blue. My back is just thrashed. I went to my chiropractor and the first thing he said when he saw the bruise was 'oh shit!'. Not something you want to hear.

I am now much more cautious about ice.

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January 17, 2004
Bad Joke of the Week

One day there was this old durnk that couldent pay his bill so the bartender thought he should have a little fun with him. "okay, if you want to clear your debt you go to do three things." says the bartender. "first, you go to the other end of the bar where that big guy is, you got to knock him out with one punch."
"Then you got to go in the back room where I got this old bullbog back there with a bad tooth.You got to go back there and pull it out."
At this point the old drunk gives the bartender a confused look an nods in understanding.
"Now the last thing that you got to do, you see that old lady down there, she ain't been with a man ever in her life. You go to go and give her the orgasam of her life. You got me?"
The drunk stands up strait, walks down to the end of the bar and suckerpunches the big guy in the back of the head. Before his body hits the floor he walks to the back room and closes the door. After a few minetes of growling and cursing everything goes quiet in the back room. A few seconds latter the drunk opens the door and walks down to the other end of the bar where the old lady sits.
"Excuse me pretty ladie." He says with a grin. "I heard that you had a tooth that need pullin."

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January 16, 2004
Business cards

For only the second time in my career I have business cards. It seems silly, but I really like the fact that I have business cards. I guess it makes the job seem a bit more stable.

The last three companies I was at didn't give employees cards; the attrition rate was too high. In fact, the only company that I got cards from was the only other one that I could have been at for a really long time. So I guess this is a good sign.

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January 10, 2004

Yankee is my buddy. He's grumpy all the time.

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Home sweet home

This is our new place:

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This is what happens when you drink too much Guinness

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January 09, 2004
Bad Joke of the Week

This is scary, considering I'm moving into a new house in the near future:

A guy moves into a new house and the neighbor, a big, burly guy, comes over. "Welcome to the neighborhood! I'd like to invite you over for a party at my house tonight."

"Wow, that's so nice," the new guy says. "I'd love to come over."

The neighbor says, "I've gotta warn you though, there's gonna be some heavy drinking going on."

"I'm okay with that," says the new guy.

"And there's gonna be some sex going on."

"Uh, okay," says the new guy. "That doesn't bother me.

"And sometimes it gets rough, there might be a fight."

"Well, I'm sure everything will be fine." says the new guy. "Should I dress up?"

"Nah, it don't matter," the neighbor says, "It's just gonna be you and me."

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January 05, 2004

It's funny, but being a SoCal boy most of my life, I never really knew why the defrost in cars was called defrost. I always used it to defog my windows, so why was it called defrost?

Now I know.

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If all goes well my Cingular cell phone number that everyone knows will be swtiched over to my new T-Mobile phone in the next 10 days or so. I can't say I'll miss Cingular. I can say that I really like T-Mobile.

The only problem I have had so far is the picture of my Jeep with 5 inches of snow on it didn't get sent right from my phone. Yes, you read that right: 5 inches of snow. Remember what I said about jinxing myself? I think I did. It was still snowing when I got into work, although no as bad.

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January 02, 2004
Lost in translation

I was reading a Dutch web site, as translated by a web page translator, and saw this at the bottom of the page:

Wow. Now that's entertainment!

Now you may be thinking this was a Dutch porn site, but it wasn't! It was a web site for some company that thinks they have a super new encryption system for data stored on hard drives. I think the line above is supposed to be something like "click here to be emailed news of future developments" or something like that.

Machine transation has a ways to go, I think.

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Happy New Year!

New Years eve was pretty fun for us. We went to dinner at a really nice restaurant an then went home to do the annual pickle sacrifices. We got pictures of it, but they are on my sister's camera. I did manage to grab a couple of pictures with my phone.

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