March 30, 2004
What the fuck...?

Ok. This is just freaky. Litmus Green is available through the iTunes music store. I have no idea how (or why, since all our music is available for free on our songs pages. I haven't heard back from Mateo yet, but I think this was something he set up a while back to sell through and has expanded to online music, but I won't know until I talk to Mat. Freaky.

At first I was pissed, thinking someone was ripping us off, but I don't think that's the case.

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March 28, 2004
Tivo, part 2

I have to say, TiVo has really changed the way I watch tv. I don't care what's on 'now', as Tivo will record what I want. I just watch what it's already got for me. I only need to watch what I want to, as that's what TiVo records for me. And as it learns what I like (like, say, Godzilla or Three Stooges) it picks stuff for me that I might like. It's so nice, it makes me weep with joy.

Or maybe it's the beer and the Godzilla movie I'm watching. Who can tell?

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I have a confession to make....

There is something I take great pleasure in that may disturb you. It's a sick, solitary, sort of pleasure that I know to keep to myself, and I try my best not to subject others to it's horror....

It is....

Godzilla movies.

Oh! The shame!

And yet, here I am, wallowing in it. Worse still, I am feeding the sick urge by also drinking copious amounts of beer, well known to enhance the effects of Godzilla movies.

My name is Ed Silva, and I'm a Zillaholic.

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March 26, 2004
Bad Joke or the Week

Duck walks into a bar. Jumps up onto the barstool. Says to the bartender "You got any bread?"

Bartender says, "Look, we don't have bread and we dont serve ducks. Now get out!"

Next day, duck walks into the bar, jumps up onto the stool. Says to the bartender "You got any bread?"

Bartender says "I told you duck, we dont serve ducks and we don't have bread."

Next day, same thing. Duck jumps on the barstool, says to the bartender "You got any bread?"

Bartender says "Look here duck. If you come back here asking for bread one more time, I'm gonna nail your bill to the counter."

The next day, the duck walks into the bar and jumps up ont the barstool. He says to the bartender "Got any nails?"

Bartender says "No."

The duck says "You got any bread?"

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March 24, 2004

We got Directv installed yesterday. With a Tivo. I only played with it for a bit (I have too much stuff to sort out to spend any quality time watching TV). It looks incredibly cool. The only problem is there is no phone jack near the TV/Tivo, so I have a really long phone cord snaked across the living room so the Tivo can update itself. That will have to change.

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Too much Junk

So, my stuff arrived the other day. At 8:30PM. They were supposed to show up at noon. At least they showed up. And everything is intact, Guinness mirror, computers, TV, the lot. Now I have to figure out where to put it all. The sad part is that Vicki just got her stuff put away, and the place was looking good. Now there are even more boxes all over.

I have come to the conclusion that I have too much junk. I foresee a great cleansing of stuff...

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March 22, 2004
Lets Play Spot the Sith Lord!

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March 18, 2004
Home Sweet Home, Finale

I'm now a home owner. Vicki and I worked our asses off getting most everything moved from my Sister's place in one day. The place is a wreck at the moment, but it's our wreck, and that makes a huge difference.

I smile at every scratch and ding in the walls that we have made, secure in the knowledge that they are my scratches and dings. And that I have a touch up kit that the builders gave us.

I was so tired I couldn't sleep right. I had strange dreams of working in a big dank concrete building with a creepy under groud level that had a huge bottomless pit in which I knew Cthulhu was sleeping. It was really spooky, like an old H.P. Lovecarft story. Then, later in the night I had silly dreams, but I don't remember them.

It was funny, getting used to the sounds of a new house. It'll take a bit to get to where I don't notice the differences.

I'm just really glad most of the hard work is done.

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Alarm clocks

My brother-in-law has the worlds most annoying alarm clock. It has this really high pitched beeping noise and it's piercingly loud.



So the this last weekend he was out of town and forgot to turn off his alarm, so I had to get up at 7AM on Saturday and Sunday morning to this horrid beeping, almost out of audible range, but not quite.

On Sunday morning I actually had a dream which incorperated the beeping. It was a doozy. Read on for more.

Ok, if you've read this far you must be wondering what kind of strange shit was going on in my dream. Well, I'll tell you:

I was in the courtyard of a cheezy motel, complete with the nasty lime green paint that was badly peeling. For some reason I was there to see someone who ran a software company out of this place. As I'm waking around I start to hear the beeping and wonder where it's coming from. So I go out with my old freind Vince (who just happened to be there) to go find it.

We end up at the door of one of the rooms, where a large Mexican family lives. There are half a dozen little kids running around giggling, because they think it's funny that we hate the beeping. We locate an alarm in the kitchen and no sooner do we turn it off then we hear another. This time it's in a bedroom. We turn that one off, but we still hear the beeping. We head back to the courtyard, where there's an alarm sitting on the lip of the broken down courtyard fountain. Only it's not on! There's still the beeping though....

And then I woke up, realizing that the beeping was real.

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March 15, 2004

My PowerBooks logic board is messed up, so I took it into the Apple Store out here. I won't get it back until Friday. I feel so naked without it. Sigh.

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March 12, 2004
Bad Joke of the Week

A Rabbi, a Pollock, a blind man, and a black guy walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says: "What is this, some kind of joke?"

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March 11, 2004
Home Sweet Home, Part 7

No new picture, but then the outside is all done, so there's no point in taking pictures of the outside until the landscaping is done. That will take a while, being winter and all. I should have taken some pictures of the inside, but was so excited to see the place I just plain forgot.

Today we went inside for the first time since the pre-drywall meeting. The inside looks fantastic! Vicki and I did a pretty damn good job on the colors and such. I was really surprised at how good everything looked together. The carpet is especially nice. Upgrading the padding and carpet paid off. I can't wait to get all moved in. This place is fantastic! The builders have been really cool, too. I'm really happy with everything so far.

We bought the washer, dryer and refrigerator last night. This weekend I'm going to go get the bedroom set. Things are coming together quite nicely.

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March 08, 2004

This is me at 31,000 feet, working on my web cam app with very little sleep. Nasty, ain't it?


On a geekier note, Apple's Controller classes for Cocoa are really cool. I will be able to replace a lot of code in my apps with controller logic now.

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March 07, 2004
Ghost town

That's what LAX is like at 4AM. There are four people total in the area where my gate is. It's strange.

American still has no wireless network at LAX (or O' Hare, for that matter), so I'm connecting through my phone again. I'm so damn tired I can't stand it. I don't see how Vicki or my sister can do this kind of thing for a living. Getting up at 3AM just plain sucks. The three margaritas I had at Justin's aren't helping either.

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Oh yeah...

T-Minus 9 days 23 hours 43 minutes 5 seconds and counting... That's 862985 seconds away...

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Old Freinds

It was really good to see Justin and Angela, but I am so damn tired. And I have to get up in less than 5 hours. And, what's worse, the Kings lost.


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March 06, 2004
Moving, Part 2

The moving company got here around 10AM. I had most stuff packed in boxes, but there was a lot that I didn't get to in time, but they packed everything that needed it. I was glad to see that they were good at packing things like my computer monitors and TV. They also did a good job on my Guinness mirror, so I'm not so worried about it. One bad thing: it's costing a lot more than I'd hoped. I had a quote for 200 square feet and when they finished it came out to be 350 square feet. Whoops. I had told the guy from the company that I thought there were about 15 boxes all told. Turns out there were 44. Whoops. (Note to self: don't estimate stuff from memory when you haven't seen what you're estimating for almost a year...) Oh, and the guy on the phone had said it would be 10-14 days for delivery. The guys that came to get the stuff said it could be there in 4. Whoops. Luckily they won't deliver it until I can accept it, storing it in California until it's time to drive out, and it doesn't cost extra. Whew...

T-Minus 10 days 6 hours 54 minutes 15 seconds and counting... That's 888855 seconds away...

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Mom and the dogs

My Mom got another dog, named Tito. He's a spazzy little terrier. He doesn't seem to like guys at all.



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The Guinness Mirror

Here's some pictures of my Guinness mirror. I have never seen one like it. I hope it makes it to Illinois okay...

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Foo Puss!

Obviously my cat hasn't been missing any meals.


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March 05, 2004

I have to say, it feels really good to be warm. It's 64° here and it feels sooo nice...

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So much stuff...

I don't know where to start with all this stuff. I need a shit load of boxes...

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Bored at O' Hare

I got to O' Hare way too early. It's 6:55AM and my flight doesn't board until 8:30AM. That doesn't sound too bad, except I've been sitting here since 6:30AM. And I didn't bring the battery charger for my laptop, so I only have my backup battery.

Getting up at 5:00AM sucks goats, in case you were wondering. Even the dogs didn't want to get up when I went down stairs. They dragged their asses down with me out of courtesy alone, I think. That and they needed to pee.

It was super cloudy and windy this morning (we had hard rain and wind all night), but now it's just overcast and windy. It's 57°, and I have to admit it feels almost hot. I'm going to sweat my ass off in O.C. but at least I still have shorts at my Mom's I can wear.

Getting all my stuff packed is going to be hectic. I just know it. But it'll be good to have it done. Then it'll just be a matter of waiting for everything to show up.

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March 04, 2004

I'm flying back to California tomorrow morning. I have to meet a moving company at my Mom's to get all my shit loaded up and shipped out to the new place. I'm nervous as hell about this. Trusting some company to move all my worldly possessions is just not right.

I am really worried about my computers and my Guinness mirror (which will look great in my study). If the computers go missing I'm going to be very bummed. Years of work gone. If the mirror breaks I'll be really bummed, because it's a really great mirror. I have never seen one like it and I'm pretty sure it'd cost a shit load to get another one. I searched eBay and didn't find any mirrors even close to it. It's huge (3' x 2', maybe? I dunno, but it's big) and looks like it's pretty old. I hope it survives. I'll take some pictures of it before it's packed. Maybe I can get more info on it's origin.

The other worry is logistical: when will they get to Illinois? If they make it on schedule they'll be there right about the time we close on the house and we can move in right away. If not we have no bed for a bit (good thing we got the deep carpet and the upgraded padding!)

Hopefully all will go well. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Bad Joke of the Week

Here's an early BJotW, since I'll be flying to OC tomorrow:

An Irishman who has been living in America for years moves back home to a small town in Ireland. He goes into a pub the first day and since he's new, all eyes are on him as he goes to the bartender and asks for 3 pints. He sits alone at a table and drinks one, then the second, then the third, then goes home.

The town is buzzing about it and the next day, the young man comes in and does the same. After about a week of the same practice, and the town full of questions for the bartender, he can no longer contain his curiosity and asks him: "Why do you always order three pints at once? And you never drink anything more?"

The young man explained: "I have two brothers and we all used to go out to the pubs together and have a drink. Well, my older brother moved to Australia and I left my younger brother back in America, but we all vowed that whenever we went out drinkin, we would each have a pint for the other two brothers so it would be like we were together."

The bartender thought it was a wonderful idea and the news spread quickly through the town. Everyone would raise their glasses to him when the young man would sit with his 3 pints.

One day, he came in an ordered two pints, sat at the table, drank them and left. The bartender was surprised but said nothing.

The town again was buzzing with the story, and people began to pray the rosary and light candles, saddened that the young man had lost one of his brothers.

The following day, the young man came back for his two pints. The bartender stopped him on his way out, and said, "I don't mean to interfere, but I just want you to know that the entire town and I are very saddened by the loss of your brother, and we are praying for his soul."

The young man looked confused, then smiled, and said, "No, my brother didn't die! It's Lent, and I gave up drinking!"

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March 01, 2004
Home Sweet Home, Part 6


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Junk Mail

We haven't even moved in and we have a piece of junk mail!


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