May 28, 2004
Bad Joke of the Week(Long weekend edition)

I've been too busy to scrounge up bad jokes lately, but today I found some really bad ones, and since it's a long weekend I'll go for a twofer:

First one:

Two friends, one an optimist and the other a pessimist, could never agree on any topic of discussion. One day the optimist decided that he had found a good way to pull his friend out of his contstant pessimistic thinking. The optimist owned a hunting dog that could walk on water! The optimist decided to take the pessimist and the dog out duck hunting in a boat. They got out into the middle of the lake, and the optimist shot down a duck. The dog immediately walked out across the water, retrieved the duck and walked right back into the boat! The optimist looked at his pessimistic friend and asked, "Well, what do you think about that?!" The pessimist replied, "So, your dumb dog can't swim, can he?!"

Second one:

An atheist was spending a quiet evening walking through the woods when suddenly he was attacked by a werewolf! In one quick motion, the werewolf tossed him to the ground! The werewolf then towered over the atheist with its mouth open, ready to devour the man! As the werewolf began to drool, the atheist cried out, "Oh, my God! Help me!" Suddenly, the ferocious attack scene froze in place, and the atheist heard a booming voice from the clouds say, "I thought you didn't believe in Me!" The terrified atheist replied, "Come on, God! Please, give me a break! Two minutes ago I didn't believe in werewolves either!"

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May 27, 2004

This weekend can't start fast enough for me...

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May 26, 2004

It looks like we are getting a lawn today! I'm watching the webcam and can see them putting the squares of grass down. It'll be nice to have something other than dirt to look at outside.

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May 25, 2004

At some point last night (actually it looks like around 2AM) my webcam app stopped working. I was hoping to watch the workers (hopefully) putting in our lawn. Oh well. It'll be a surprise, I guess.

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May 24, 2004

No this isn't a post bad mouthing Dubya. We have shrubs now. You can't see them on the webcam as they are all along the side of the building. They look rather nice. And we have another tree by the walkway to the front door.

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We have a tree!

Take a look at the webcam. We have a tree by the sidewalk now! We'll have to get a bird feeder. I also changed the webcam image popup so it refreshes every five minutes so I can watch the happenings at home while I'm at work. It's rather interesting, with bulldozers and such coming and going. I really need to get my webcam app set up to keep old images so I can make a time lapse movie of the images.

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Once in a while I take a look at my blog just to check out what's on the webcam. Today there are a bunch of trees outside the house. I guess they are putting them there prior to planting them. What's funny is they weren't there when I left this morning. It's amazing how fast things change. The construction crews are hauling ass. Of course the down side is that they start working at 6AM. And they often work on saturdays. That really sucks.

I'm just waiting to see our lawn. The dirt gets old real quick.

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May 21, 2004

We've been having really strong thunder storms all day. My webcam grabbed some cool pics of the lightning:




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Warehouse at work

We had a brief power outage at work due to thunderstorms, so we went and looked at the warehouse to see what it was like in there. The lights were just coming back on when I took this picture. It's not very good. I really need to get a camera.


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More dirt


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May 20, 2004

We now have topsoil. You can see how the dirt around the side walk is really dark. That's the new dirt. I suspect that any day now we'll have a real lawn.


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May 18, 2004

I have to say I am really not enthusiastic about my job lately. It's kinda sad. Not that it's a bad job, mind you. It's just a lot of little things. Maybe I'm just feeling down lately. I don't know.

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May 15, 2004

Our driveway is getting paved today. They started at 7:00AM. I was still asleep, and knew they would be starting, so when the (very loud) noise started up I just woke up for a second. Then I incorporated it into a dream.

I was in the room trying to sleep, but the noise was so bad that I couldn't. So I decided to peek out the window. There was a huge dump truck looking thing, filled with what looked like boiling asphalt. There was also an area that had been fenced off that was full of boulders that were being ground up into asphalt. The big truck thing had a kind of flattened nozzle attached to the front that poured out the asphalt onto the ground, nice and flat.

Then I was in the garage with the garage door open. The workers were cleaning up and this burly lady that had been driving the truck was telling me how to care for the asphalt. "You can't let it get wet for 24 hours. If you do it gets messed up." This struck me as silly, considering it had been raining for the past two days. "What if it rains?" I asked. "Oh, that's okay". Why that was okay remained a mystery. Then a burly construction guy came over who knew Oscar (who was suddenly in the garage with me, drinking a beer). "Hey you guys down with the proletariat?", he asked. "Great," I thought. "A damn Communist." Oscar and I just nodded, "Oh yeah, sure we are...". That seemed to be good enough for him and he moved on.

When I finally woke up I really did peek out the window. The noisiest thing is a steam roller. The guys are laying out the asphalt with shovels. I was disappointed there was no big dump truck thing. And all the guys are Mexican, one of whom sings very badly.

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May 14, 2004
Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius

A coyote just walked past the window. It's been raining for about 24 hours straight, so he was wet and nasty looking, but looked quite healthy. I guess all the road kill goes to a good cause of sorts.

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May 12, 2004

I wear my iPod earbuds at work constantly, but they are falling apart. After all they are getting old, being that they are first generation iPod earbuds.

This is a problem because I need to have my earbuds in at work all the time, or I'll go mad having to hear every damn conversation that takes place within a 50 foot radius of my cubicle.

I need some good noise canceling head phones.

Hmm... Vicki has been wondering what I want for my b-day... I think I know now.

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May 10, 2004
Stories of drunken fools...

Oscar Gerardo: Do you remember getting harassed by the cop?

Ed Silva: what? no...

Oscar Gerardo: What? man you really where gone then

Ed Silva: yeah. After the pub things get... fuzzy...

Oscar Gerardo: strange

Ed Silva: ?

Oscar Gerardo: we we're walking by Symphony Hall and picked on of the carnations in the Pot, a Police Office got in your face about that

Ed Silva: really.

Oscar Gerardo: He was like why'd you do that

Oscar Gerardo: and you were like did what?

Oscar Gerardo: I said picked the carnation

Oscar Gerardo: then the strangest thing the cop went like 'Oh' and walked away

Ed Silva: dude, that is really weird.

Oscar Gerardo: very

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May 09, 2004
Pictures from Chicago

Here are some pictures I took on my trip into Chicago to see Oscar.

Here's the Elgin Metra station I left from:

Here's the sears tower:

Here's Oscar. We were drunk by this point.

Here's a... thing. I actually have no idea what this is or even where it is. I don't remember taking this one at all. Like I said, we were pretty drunk.

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Drunken fools Oscar was in town yesterday, which means he and I got monumentally drunk. I took the train from Elgin into Chicago to meet him. Some how I managed to get on the wrong train coming back and ended up in Aurora, which is not even close to Elgin. And I lost my glasses. So I had to get a taxi to drive me to Elgin so I could get my car, all the while hoping it wasn't towed or stolen. I got to my car, but since I lost my glasses the only way I could see is with my sunglasses. At night.

Somehow I made it home ok.

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May 07, 2004

For the record baby geese are kinda ugly.

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May 04, 2004
My New Bumper Sticker


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May 03, 2004
Walking by a stream

On sunday Vicki and I went out for a walk. Since we are near the end of the development in our community we walked out to where the building stops, right out near a field. We went across the field and found a stream. You can see where the deer come across the stream. They make these worn down paths into and out of the water. We also spotted what looked like it could be a beaver damn or something like that. It was strange to be in amongst all this wilderness and be only a couple minutes walk from home.

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Derby day

We watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Vicki made Mint Juleps and we watched the race. It was interesting. But I have to say it was kinda funny. They had this huge 2 hour thing on TV for a race that lasts all of 2-4 minutes. Still, it was fun.

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May 01, 2004

I started using an app called Unison to check out usenet, looking for old punk that can't be found on CD. It makes it so easy to find files, all grouped together, and easy to download. They also have spam filtering to weed out most of the shit that made usenet suck so bad. Usenet is actually cool to use again, and I'm finding music I haven't heard since I was a kid and couldn't hope to find on CD.

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