August 29, 2004
Water tower

Vicki and I were taking a walk down one of the paths around our community and came across one of the Gilberts water towers. I still think seeing these things all over is weird.


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August 26, 2004
Phone in sick

I don't know if it's just that I'm noticing it because of the state of mind I'm in, or if it's just been coming up more than usual lately, but it seems like the Citizen Fish song 'Phone in Sick' has been playing in iTunes a lot lately. I think it's just reflecting the state of my mind that I notice when it comes up. Funny how the mind works.

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August 22, 2004
7 Seconds

We went out with Lare and Brendi to see 7 Seconds, Naked Aggression and Red Tape last night. What a kick ass show. It felt really good to go to a gig again. It's been quite a while since I've been to one, and being able to see three really good bands was fantastic. I just wish there had been more time to catch up with the old friends we saw at the show. I was really glad Red Tape opened up, I have wanted to see them since I got their first CD. All in all, this weekend was great, even though Vicki and I are absolutely exhausted.

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August 18, 2004

I love it when things 'just work'. I had to write some code to talk to an external system to get image info today. The object I created for this is simple to use and was simple to implement. It just works.

A lot of the new system we've been working on is like that. The models we are using are simple and clear, and that shows in the way things are implemented. We are using a lot of open source modules to save time and effort where we can. There is no over engineering, just a good solid model in which pieces of the system can be easily plugged together into something really cool.

It's worlds better than the old system, and infinitely simpler, but it actually adds a lot of functionality as well. Very nice.

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August 12, 2004
Which Biological Molecule Are You?

You are starch. You are rigid, opinionated,
hard-willed and not too friendly about it. You
keep people out of places, or you keep them in,
and without you a lot of things would collapse.
hopefully you'll never have the authority to
burn people at the stake. Sir. Ma'am.

I did this while in a bad mood. I wonder if it'd be different if I were in a good mood...?

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August 10, 2004
How to steal an election in the U.S.A.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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August 06, 2004
Snow day

A transformer blew out at work and the building is full of smoke, so I get a free day off. Woohoo!

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August 03, 2004

I could go on a tear about things at work, but Big Brother is watching. So I'll tote(fucking grammer nazis) toe the party line and not say a thing. But I won't be drinking any Kool-Aid, either.

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August 02, 2004
Testing Meme Propagation In Blogspace: Add Your Blog!

Testing Meme Propagation In Blogspace: Add Your Blog!

This posting is a community experiment started by Minding the Planet Planet to see how a meme represented by a blog posting spreads across blogspace, physical space and time. It will help to show how ideas travel across blogs in space and time and how blogs are connected. It may also help to show which blogs are most influential in the propagation of memes. The original posting for this experiment is located at: Minding the Planet; results and commentary will appear there in the future.

Please join the test by adding your blog (see instructions, below) and inviting your friends to participate — the more the better. The data from this test will be public and open; others may use it to visualize and study the connectedness of blogspace and the propagation of memes across blogs.

The GUID for this experiment is: as098398298250swg9e98929872525389t9987898tq98wteqtgaq62010920352598gawstw98qwrt189849813907azq4 (this GUID enables anyone to easily search Google for all results of this experiment). Anyone is free to analyze the data of this experiment. Please publicize your analysis of the data, and/or any comments by adding comments onto the original post at Minding the Planet; Note: it would be interesting to see a geographic map or a temporal animation, as well as a social network map of the propagation of this meme.


To add your blog to this experiment, copy this entire posting to your blog, and fill out the info below, substituting your own information in your posting, where appropriate.

(Note: Replace the answers below with your own answers)

I found this experiment at URL:
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I posted this on date (day, month, year): 02 August 2004
I posted this at time (24 hour time): 19:05:08 UTC
My posting location is (city, state, country): Gilberts, IL, USA
OPTIONAL SURVEY FIELDS (Replace the answers below with your own answers):

My blog is hosted by: Dreamhost
My age is: 33
My gender is: Male
My occupation is: Application Programmer
I use the following RSS/Atom reader software: NetNewsWire
I use the following software to post to my blog: Movable Type
I have been blogging since (day, month, year): May 22, 2002
My web browser is: Safari
My operating system is: Mac OS X

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