January 31, 2005
13 pints, each

Oscar was in town Saturday. I'm still not completely recovered. At least I didn't loose my glasses this time, just my hat.

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January 28, 2005
I see dumb people

Lately I have had to deal with many developers using Microsoft dev tools to create clients for the web services we provide at work. I have also dealt with others who were creating client applications in other environments, most notably Oracle PL/SQL (the craziest thing I have heard of doing in PL/SQL).

By far the clients who are using MS tools are the most high maintenance. The guy doing everything from scratch in PL/SQL has been no trouble at all, in fact he's been a joy to work with. Not so the MS developers.

Case in point: Client developer emails me to ask about how to do a search. I email him back some pseudo code showing how to do it:

request = new XMLRPCStruct();
search = new XMLRPCArray();
request.Add("floob", search);

He emails back complaining that he can't figure out how to create an XML-RPC array with the C# .Net toolkit he's using to talk to our XML-RPC service, thus throwing up his hands and calling it quits until I provide actual code to show him how easy it really is. I google for the name of the toolkit he's using, find the FAQs for the toolkit, email him the link to the documentation which clearly state exactly how to do what he wants using this toolkit (turns out you just use the C# native Array type). How hard is that? To actually read the documentation of the libraries you use in order to, I don't know, do your job? The sad thing is that we get this kind of thing all the time! Yet people developing in other environments don't seem to have nearly as many problems. Even the crazy one using PL/SQL.

I guess I'm just cranky today.

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January 24, 2005
88 days

I've started a countdown to the wedding in a terminal window at work using a script I wrote a long time ago.

As of the time I'm writing this:

T-Minus 88 days 13 hours 38 minutes 32 seconds and counting...
That's 7648712 seconds away...

There's a web version too:


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January 13, 2005
Weird weather

So, a two days ago we had around 6-8" of snow on the ground. Yesterday it rained and the temperature got up to around 50°, so almost all the snow melted away. Today it snowed again and is currently 30° (tonight's low is supposed to be 3°).

Is it me or is the weather just screwy this year?

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January 06, 2005
Snow day

We got about 10" of snow in the last 24 hours. The roads are terrible, and seeing as my jeep is not 4 wheel drive, I'm working from home. Its still snowing as I write this.

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January 03, 2005
Overheard at work

"I just want to die in my sleep."

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