June 29, 2005
SNMP is boring

Reading about SNMP, be it in books (all of which, apparently, suck), or in the RFCs themselves, is boring me to tears.

I have had to write code to an RFC in the past, but this is putting me to sleep. All I want is some clear answers to some questions and all I can find online are overly complicated answers that never answer my questions. Is SNMP so over complicated? It looks like it to me.

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June 27, 2005
"A work of art is never completed, it's just abandoned." - Paul Valery

I am listening to "It Must Suck To Be You" and can't help but thinking of ways some tracks could be tweaked: a little more backing vocals here, more bass there. I guess it's hard not to critique ones own work. There is always something that could be improved in some way.

I wish I has the original tapes and the equipment, I'd love to revisit all the old recordings and see if there are ways to clean them up.

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perl closure for debug printing
use warnings;
use strict;

my $verbose = shift(@ARGV);

my $dprint = make_dprint($verbose);

$dprint->("foo!", " blah, blah", "\n");

sub make_dprint {
    my $verbose = shift;
    return sub { if ($verbose) { print @_ }; };
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June 24, 2005
How to make emacs and vim file mode hints work together

Put the emacs file hint in the comment first:

/* -*- mode: sql -*- vim:ft=sql */
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June 23, 2005
The government can take your home from you.

This is really scary:


Read it and weep. Big Brother just got more power.

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June 22, 2005
Dev Kit

I got my Apple Dev Kit today. You might think I'd be excited about it. I would be if I had a way to hook up my old VGA monitor to it. It only has DVI-D out and I can't find a DVI-D/HD15 adaptor cable to save my life, so I broke down and ordered a 23" cinema display. Until then I have a huge, aluminum beast sitting in my office, doing nothing.

Sad. But not for long, I hope.

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Take The Ewan McGregor Test!
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June 20, 2005
Is this normal?

This is how many windows I have open at any given time during a normal work day.

Is this normal? I ask only because someone commented on it this morning, and it was only then that I looked at it in a different light. I guess I just don't have problems dealing with so much stuff at one, as long as it's easy to get to what I need.

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June 15, 2005
94.25 per hour

That's the number of comment spams that scum-bags try and post to the weblogs here at weblogs.litmusgreen.com. So far only a couple manage to get through, and they soon find their way to my blacklist filter.

The only real maintenance I need to do is reset the comment spam logs. I forgot it for three days and it had 6786 entries. I only really check it if spam gets through, but that is not happening nearly as often now, so it's easy to forget.

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June 14, 2005

I was looking through some of the OpenSolaris code (for no good reason at all) and came across this:

718 /*
719 * Anyone who asks for zero bytes of randomness should get slapped.
720 */

in kcf_random.c. I thought if was funny.

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June 11, 2005
A difference of opinion...

Who would have been the best Darth Vader (post fight with Obi-Wan), Hayden or David Prowse?

I think David Prowse, the original actor to play Darth Vader, would have done just as good, if not better, in playing Vader (in the suit). Not that I didn't like the fact that they made a suit for Hayden and that he got to wear the suit. It's cool. But it would have been cool for David to be able to do it. Vicki disagrees.

Ok, my opinion, (vicki speaking here..), : Nostalgia sake, yeah Prowse just because he was the first. Acting sake: Definately Hayden. He showed a more youthful side of Vader. Young, in love, concerned about his loved one, and high strung, as the young Anakin proved to be. Prowse is an old man now, how could he have portrayed that youthful side? Come on women, we know dont we, that a 50 year old man, even though he TRY'S to act young, usually cannot grasp the lack of intellect of a young 20 something, and the passions that arise in them. Especially the passions. The "Noooooooooo!" in ROTS was rather corny. However, Who could you see doing that? Young Anakin, (Hayden) not knowing how to control ANY of his new found power, and new discovery of this side of the Force, or a stoic, more controlled Vader, such as Prowse? Don't get me wrong, I think Prowse was an excellent Vader. I just think that Hayden as Vader, showing a youthfulness, linked the jedi, Anakin, to the dark lord, Darth Vader, which then made a wonderful transition to tie in the more dignified Vader in ANH with Prowse, which took place many years later.

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June 09, 2005
Wedding pictures

I got a few of the pictures from the wedding online so people will stop bugging me about seeing them.



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June 08, 2005

Ed Silva: what's sad is that people like us, who should breed to stave off the growing idiocy of the human race, have no real desire to do so. Does that make stupidity an evolutionary trait?

Oscar Gerardo: possibly

Ed Silva: if that is true then there can be no more intelligent life in the universe than we have here. If we get any dumber we'll die off.

Oscar Gerardo: that'd prolly be a good thing

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June 07, 2005
Happy day!

Wow. I am so damn happy right now. I got a tax refund for my property taxes, which I had to pony up last month. It was a lot of money.

I had forgotten that I'm paying escrow, so the taxes are taken care of already.

Making that payment hurt really bad, so it's a huge relief to have the money back. Woohoo! No more eating PB&Js for lunch! Unless I want to, of course. I like PB&J.

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June 06, 2005
Hell has frozen over...

It looks like my next Mac will be an Intel box. Well, as long as it's running OS X I don't really care.

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