July 31, 2005
Note To Self...

No matter how good champagne and brandy are together, the hang over is not worth it.

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July 20, 2005
perl version of ip2long() and long2ip() In order to save the sanity of anyone else that might wonder about how to convert an IP address into a signed integer in perl (accounting for endianness as well):
use warnings;
use strict;
use Socket;

if ($ARGV[0] =~ /\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+/) {
    my $ip_address = shift(@ARGV);
    my $ip_number = ip2long($ip_address);
    print "$ip_address converts to $ip_number\n";
} else {
    my $ip_number = shift(@ARGV);
    my $ip = long2ip($ip_number);
    print "$ip_number converts to $ip\n";

sub ip2long {
    return unpack("l*", pack("l*", unpack("N*", inet_aton(shift))));

sub long2ip {
    return inet_ntoa(pack("N*", shift));
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July 17, 2005
Requiem for a 1st Generation iPod

When I first heard about Apple's iPod, back on October 23, 2001, I knew I had to have one. And I got one as soon as they came out and have loved it ever since. But alas, time has caught up with my dear old iPod. It has been severely abused, I'm sorry to admit, but it has always "Just Worked", with nary a problem.

It has been dropped onto concrete, several times. Had beer and various other things spilled on it, several times. Has been left in my Jeep on very hot days, several times. You get the idea. I was not a gentle master.

Over the last year of two it's started to show signs of old age and abuse catching up with it. I have had to wipe the disk and restore the software several times to get it in working order, but it always came back to life just fine.

Until yesterday.

I plugged it in to my Mac to sync it and when it started up I heard The Sound of Death. It's the sound you never, ever want to hear a hard disk make. I have heard it before. It's terrible and means utter doom. It is the sound of a hard crash, that condition where the disks, spinning at great speed, actually contact the drive heads, creating horrid, nasty gouges in the platters, turning what was one viable data to garbage.

I wept bitterly...

Then I got over it and bought a new 20GB iPod... Still, I will look fondly on my old iPod. I think I'll take it apart and mount it on the wall or something.

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July 14, 2005

So It seems I have tendonitis, or something similar. My doctor gave me some medication that is supposed to make the pain go away and help fix things. It doesn't do jack shit. My hand hurts more now than it did before. I can barely brush my teeth in the morning and I haven't shaved in a week (the idea of shaving with my left hand scares me, I like my face the way it is, thanks). I bought a thumb trackball thing to use at work in the hopes that it will help. So far it seems to be working, but it is taking some getting used to.

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July 07, 2005
What is the sound of one hand typing?

My right hand has been aching for the last few days. Right now it is really hurting. I can't type without a lot of discomfort, and a fair bit of outright pain. I hope I don't have carpal tunnel or something. That would suck ass. My left hand seems fine. Maybe I'm using the mouse too much? This sucks.

How am I supposed to code with one hand?

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July 01, 2005
Worlds longest runway

In the middle of nowhere, Nevada. Right next to Groom Lake.

It's funny, because it used to be so secret.

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