July 12, 2006
When Cats Attack!!

I took Sasha out for a quick walk and as we came near our building a small grey cat actually stalked and the repeatedly attacked her! A 55 pound dog, being attacked by a 6 pound cat. Repeatedly. It was like the cat was doing strafing runs on the dog. I was so shocked I had to laugh, but as it continued the dog and I were both freaked out and I had to drag her away to keep from being attacked anymore.

That was one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed.

Posted by ed at 11:42 AM
the first thing that comes to mind

1. Cigarettes: stinky

2. Sex: fun

3. Relationships: complex

4. Your Last Ex: insignificant

5. Power rangers: go go

6. Marijuana: stinky

7. Crack: ass

8. Food: good

9. This President: evil

10. War: evil

11. Cars: necessary

12. Gas Prices: evil

13. Halloween: boring

14. Bon Jovi: sucks

15. Religion: evil

16. MySpace: lame

17. Worst Fear: fear is the path to the Dark Side

18. Marriage: wonderful

19. Fashion: lame

20. Brunettes: dark

21. Redheads: married one

22. Work: sucks

23. Pass the time: games

24. One night stands: never bothered

25. Cellphones: annoying

26. Pet Peeves: people

27. Pixie Stix: beer (seriously)

28. Vanilla Ice Cream: root beer float

29. Porta Potties: stinky

30. High school: waste of 4 years

31. Pajamas: comfy

32. Wood: fireplace

33. Surfers: lame

34. Pictures: fun

35. First True Love: space

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July 07, 2006
FYI... MMORPGs fall under wire tap laws...

Even though the FBI and FCC haven't pushed for it yet, under federal wire tap laws and CALEA, games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI and StarWars Galaxies can be monitored by the government.

Of course the NSA is sucking all data traffic as it is, so it's not like you have any privacy anywhere anymore.

Posted by ed at 12:41 PM