October 26, 2006
Four years ago today...

And I still miss it...

Posted by ed at 12:34 PM
October 24, 2006
Note to self... If you want an anchor tag with out an href that responds to an onclick but want it to look like and act like an anchor tag that has an href just use the tabindex property and set it's value to 0 and style it like so:
a:hover {cursor: pointer;}
Example link: Click Me!
<a tabindex=0 onclick="alert('You clicked me! Pervert!'); return false;" style="a:hover {cursor:pointer;}">Click Me!</a>

Of course the stylesheet for my blog screws the pointer styling up here, but it does work. Really.
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October 12, 2006

The first snow of the year is usually around Thanksgiving out here in BF Illinois. That's around November 23rd. It's October 12th and what do I see outside? Snowflakes.

We are not amused.

Posted by ed at 08:38 AM