March 27, 2007
Good and Bad

Good: I'm now a member of the 501st. TK4544.

Bad: My main machine at home had a massive hard drive failure and I lost many years worth of work, not to mention personal files, pictures, video, music, you name it. None of the backups I have work either. Some of my code survived by being mirrored on other machines, but there is some much more missing. Band photos. My code repository. My databases. Seriously, the loss is staggering. I keep thinking of things that are gone and it's just killing me.

Do yourself a favor: Back up religiously. I let myself get lax and I'm paying for it now.

Posted by ed at 10:16 AM
March 17, 2007
Can I help you, citizen? My application for membership in the 501st is in. Yes, I am a huge dork. I'm okay with that.
Posted by ed at 11:05 PM