May 30, 2007
Waiting is the hardest part

As some of you might know my Father's health has not been very good for, well, about the last decade. Recently he had gotten even worse and this week has been even worse than that. I doubt he will survive the next 12 hours. He's in a coma and his organs are failing, one after the other. I will be flying to California tomorrow night.

My family have had scares for the last 10 years or so with my Dad's health problems coming and going (or at least stabilizing), but this time it's the real deal and I find it's hitting me in waves. One moment I'm okay, the next I'm just floored at the thought of never speaking to or seeing my Father alive ever again. I can't quite wrap my brain around the concept. It's not like I am close to the Old Man, and the last time I spoke with him was a month ago, but he's always been there, in the background so to speak.

I read somewhere that everyone has a story, and that all stories are ultimately tragedies. I think I understand that better now than at any other time.

Posted by ed at 02:53 PM
May 25, 2007
What do Dolphins have to do with Captain Kangaroo?

So, I had this dream last night where I was in a Jungle Cruise type ride and there was this muzak playing. It was a jingle and the lyrics were something like "It's Captain Kangaroo Day! Doo be doo! Save a dolphin today! Doo be doo be doo! Do it for Captain Kangaroo!" And I kept wondering: what do dolphins have to do with Captain Kangaroo?!

Posted by ed at 09:57 AM