December 27, 2008
Reunion Request

Dear Litmus Green,
It would be really nice if somehow you can organize some kind of reunion show. I have been spreading the Litmus Green brand for you guys for a few years now. It would be great to tell my grandchildren that I'd seen you guys live at least once, and not only on Fall of the Western Civilization III.


Hi Ben,

To be honest I don't even remember how to play most of our songs any more. I haven't picked up my guitar in many years, as playing with anyone else just never seemed right. And given the fact that I now live about 2000 miles away from everyone, band practice would be a bit problematic. Otherwise, it might have been a fun idea.



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December 04, 2008

Nick (Jack's Cold Sweat) is blogging here now.

Just thought all 2 of you that read this might like to know.

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dirty words

So, I'm working on something that uses an external API for stuff, and it turns out we have to validate text we get from users, lest they use dirty words and such. Naturally the first thing I do is see what happens when I try to validate the word 'fuck'.

Result: [0] => OK

Yeah, that seems to be working just fine.

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