October 05, 2009
Ok, some news

Not all good, but not all bad either.

Here's the thing: There are no all ages clubs anymore. The few that were around have all either switched to 18 or 21 and up or have been shut down or just won't book punk anymore.

I am reasonably sure we will have an early Nov show with a really cool band, but it'll be 21+.

We are still working on the all ages show, and still hope for the end of the month, but it will probably be in LA, not Riverside.

And here's the lesson kiddies: All the cool venues that did punk shows that are still around won't book all ages punk because the clubs end up getting trashed, or there are too many fights, etc. So all you kids under 18 who are wondering why there are no all ages shows? Now you know why. All the remaining all ages venues won't touch bands like Litmus Green.

Still the situation isn't totally hopeless and I should have more news by the end of the week.

Stay tuned...

Posted by ed at 05:11 PM
No news yet

I know people are getting curious and want to know what's up with the gigs. So do I. I'm hoping to have some more info this week.

Posted by ed at 09:36 AM