February 20, 2010
Thanks for coming out! (Again)

Thanks to all came out tonight (well, last night now). Flying 2000+ miles to play these shows has been a lot of fun, but jet lag just kills me.

Look for more gigs coming up. I don't know if I'll be coming out for those or not. We will see.

Posted by ed at 02:54 AM
February 17, 2010
Oh and BTW...

So the guys all decided (and I totally support the decision) that they really want to keep doing gigs. Maybe not as frequently as in the old days, but Litmus Green is definitely back. I won't be playing with them (unless it's something really special), since flying 2000 miles every time there is a gig would be stupid and practicing by myself sucks. Lare has been a fantastic replacement and truth be told I asked him to join way back when for just that purpose. That and having two guitars sounds awesome. And to keep him from joining stupid bands out of boredom.


Anyway. Long story short (to late): Litmus Green lives!


You have been warned.


Posted by ed at 02:53 PM